Unique set of chess pieces.

This chess set is truly an exquisite masterpiece of jewelry art.

Crafted by the skilled jewelers of Ukraine.

The chess pieces are made of white gold as well as Colorless and Black diamonds.

Measurement’s: 270 x 270 x 55 mm.

Рlace of storage:Private collection in Kiev, Ukraine.

Chess. Unique set of chess pieces.

  • We are pleased to offer you a designer’s chess set composed of the following materials.
    Chess pieces:

    • 14-Karat white gold
    • Colorless and black diamonds

    Chess board:

    • 18-Karat yellow gold details
    • Black wood
    • Onyx, Сacholong

    The size of the board is 270mm x 270mm x 55mm.

    • The number of white diamonds is 6527 stones weighing 124.15 carats in total.
    • The total number of black diamonds is 6527 stones weighing 122.15 carats in total.
    • The weight of the gold is 926.40 grams of 14K-Karat alloy.

    Additionally, the chess board is accompanied by crocodile case for storage, calf skin transportation case and jewelry certificate.

    Note: Upon additional request and at an additional cost, a deluxe game board design is available, inlaid with white gold and colorless and black diamonds.