Call of Sirius

Cats are mysterious and enigmatic creatures. Many scientists consider cats to be extraterrestrial creatures that came to our planet from Sirius, in the body of which there is an alien genome. Cats hear the voice of their planet.

Author: Diana, Ukraine. 11 years. wants to sell his works to help Mom raise the youngest sister.

Call of Sirius

  • There are no other people's children!

    Children cannot be strangers. All of them need care, warmth and participation.

    Talented children need support in realizing their aspirations. Children without parents also need help. Seriously, ill children need a treatment; they need support so that they can fight for their lives.

    We want children’s bitter destinies to be as few as possible.

    The Program NFT Charity allows young talent to realize their talent through the NFT, and sell their creations through the OFEK NFT marketplace.

    We invite virtual art creators to participate in Program NFT Charity and use the proceeds from the sale of their work to help and support children.

    The God loveth a cheerful giver. Give and ye shall receive.