Ancient Chinese Fang Ding  Vessel 

Western Zhou Dynasty ( China), 1200-1000 BC.

Bronze. 23.3 x 19.7 x 14.7  cm


Ancient Chinese Fang Ding Vessel

  • Corporate Collection, Switzerland, 2019 - present.
    Private Collection, London, 1998 – 2019 (bought from Julian Sherrier Collection).
    Private Collection of Julian Sherrier, late ’60 – 1998 (Julian Sherrier was a world-famous expert in Buddhist Art of India and ancient China).
    Private Collection of Douglas Eric Barrett, 1950 - late ’60 (Barrett was a mentor and friend of Sherrier and he was the leading Curator and Keeper of Oriental Antiquities in the British Museum between 1946-1977)
    Private Collection, Henan Province - Pekin, China, before 1950 (bought by a British Army Soldier (colleague and friend of Douglas Eric Barrett))
    A bronze Fang Ding of a type that first appeared in, and then evolved through, the Shang Dynasty (1700-1027 BC) into the designated Western Zhou Period (1046 - 771) to which this work is attributed.
    It is decorated with “Taotie” masks on all four sides which show signs of degradation and loss as a result of various corrosion patterns including small areas of botryoidal malachite encrustation which is associated with ancient bronze.
    A direct comparative analyzes, and study of the Fabg Ding has been completed with specific reference material from two renowned collections, the Arthur M. Sackler Collection and the National Palace Museum in Taiwan with detailed analysis of X-ray radiographies.
    1 700 000.00 EUR
    (One million seven hundred thousand)
    *The last comparative Fang Ding Vessel have been sold in auction at:
    Sotheby’s London, 13 March 2015 for 2,389,000 GBP (LOT 103)