About Us

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Mr. Sergii Ivanov. CEO/Founder.

Stichting OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation

OFEK NFT, is a department that is part of the international financial holding Stichting OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation, registered in the Netherlands (registration number (kVk): 70029733) - in the old, good and reliable Europe. In country with a high reputation, with high political and economic stability, and also has a high level of confidentiality.

OFEK NFT department, interacts with renowned contemporary artists, collectors and the owners of rare authentic works of art, antiques of real estate objects and provides support services, in placing on auctions, high value items, in the form of NFT tokens.

OFEK NFT department, works with many categories of real objects of purchase / sale in order to present them on the NFT market.

Each object of sale - a lot offered for sale, has certificates of the appropriate international level and confirmed origin. Contracts with the owners provide for the responsibility of the parties, the procedure for storing and transferring the item between the owners and provides exclusive rights to sell the objects within certain agreed terms.

Item Purchase / Sale Transactions - lots provided by OFEK NFT department, in the NFT marketplace, allow Buyers to not only acquire ownership of physical items, but also provide the ability to safely resell items in the secondary market without actually moving them.

The team of the OFEK NFT department takes into account the interests of Buyers of the placed items and provides a first-class service for storing items in the best international depositories, on demand by their new owners, and ensures the safe delivery of items around the World.

The team of the OFEK NFT department, considers the growing NFT market as a market for items of purchase / sale with the potential to preserve and diversify capital, and with the possibility of buying / selling them for cryptocurrency.

Currently, the team of OFEK NFT department is developing the following directions in the NFT market:

1) NFT Art: painting, icon painting, sculpture, antiques.

2) NFT Gems: unique natural precious and semi-precious stones; diamonds, emeralds, rubies, topaz, beryl’s, etc. As well as jewelry from them.

3) NFT Real estate: unique real estate.

4) NFT Charity: this Program, which allows young talent to realize their talent through the NFT, and sell their creations through the OFEK NFT marketplace.

We invite virtual art creators to participate in Program NFT Charity and use the proceeds from the sale of their work to help and support children.

As well as the team of OFEK NFT department , plans to develop promising areas in the NFT market:

1) NFT Production & Technology: enterprises, technologies, patents, licenses, franchises.

2) NFT Tour: exclusive travel tours around the world.

The Executing Company in the NTF market is affiliated Company OFEK Consalting d.o.o., Montenegro (registration number: 5-0780062), which cooperates with the legal owners; works of art, precious stones, antiques and real estate objects, as a consultant and representative of the owners with the right of agency sale on legal grounds.